Smart Factory


Turn your production plant into a smart, connected, and efficient factory to reduce costs and increase your industrial company’s profits.

Industry 4.0


Thanks to the Mapex MES system, your company can embrace new technologies and stay ahead of both the opportunities and challenges arising from the fourth industrial revolution.

Digital transformation


Starting your factory’s digital transformation will be key to adapting to emerging customer demands and improving your level of service and competitiveness.

We transform industries into

Smart factories

At Mapex, we are specialists in industrial software and automated production systems. Our goal is to guide companies in their digital transformation so they can improve their production processes and increase their factory’s efficiency.


What are the benefits of industrial digitization?


Increasing production efficiency is one of the main challenges facing industrial companies today. Thanks to the Mapex MES system, your company can maximize your factory’s OEE using reliable, real-time information.

  • Improve end product quality.
  • Optimize production performance.
  • Increase productivity (OEE).
  • Gather reliable, real-time data for better decision making.


Improve end product quality without adding extra cost.


Optimize production  performance.


Increase productivity (OEE).


Gather reliable, real-time data for better decision making.


The MES system provides you with real-time, completely reliable data so that you can respond quickly and safely to audits, quality controls or any traceability-related problem in your company’s production.

  • Comply with regulations and quality standards.
  • Gain control over traceability and production processes.
  • Optimize audit management.
  • Monitor and record incidents.


Comply with regulations and quality standards.


Gain control over traceability and production processes.


Optimize audit management.


Monitor and record incidents inside the factory.


We are committed to company sustainability. With Mapex, you can optimize your resources to the fullest and drive continuous improvement and digital transformation of your factory.

  • Reduce operational and non-quality costs.
  • Gain greater control over wastage and reprocessing.
  • Lower power consumption.
  • Go 100% paperless.


Reduce operational and non-quality costs.


Gain greater control over wastage and reprocessing.


Lower power consumption.


Go 100% paperless inside the factory.

Smart Factory

Mapex plays a crucial role in the digitization of all your industrial processes thanks to its flexibility and capacity to integrate with other systems such as your ERP.

  • Access to cornerstone Industry 4.0 solutions.
  • Connect through multiple devices.
  • Promote continuous improvement in your organization.
  • Use Smart data and Artificial Intelligence and Machine learning in the factory.


Access to cornerstone Industry 4.0 solutions.


Connect through multiple devices.


Promote continuous improvement in your organization.


Smart data and use of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning in the factory.


Connected machines

Years of experience





Specialists in



Specialists in



We help improve production process management in industrial companies by applying Industry 4.0 technologies. Our MES (Manufacturing Execution System) and MOM (Manufacturing Operations Management) solutions help companies develop multiple competitive advantages.



Food and beverage

As our core sector, food and beverage is one of the industries that can benefit the most from implementing our MES system, especially in terms of production, quality, traceability, and maintenance.

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Borges International Group

An agri-food group with 125 years of experience in the industrial processing, packaging and sale of olive oil, nuts, and other products.


Our MES system represents a powerful ally for automotive companies when it comes to streamlining management, reducing costs, and increasing the efficiency and safety of production processes.

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grupo kh automoción
Grupo KH

An award-winning Q1-qualified company that designs, develops, and produces components and services for the automotive industry.

Chemical and cosmetics

Thanks to the Mapex MES system, our customers in the chemical and cosmetics sector control their operations, achieve more flexible production, and improve quality, traceability, and safety in their factories.

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SPB Global
A company dedicated to the development of products for home cleaning and personal care, supplier of Mercadona’s Bosque Verde and Deliplus brands.


Through our vertical solution, plastics producers can monitor the OEE of all their lines and machines in real time, control format changes, record stoppages and actual speeds, and correctly manage scrap and molds, and more.

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A family business with more than 50 years of history, a benchmark manufacturer of low voltage electrical equipment in Spain.

Packaging and graphic arts

At Mapex, we know how to increase process efficiency by managing equipment maintenance and reducing start-up times, incidents and wasted materials.

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A company specialized in the design and development of packaging solutions for clients in the food, automotive, cosmetic, and pharmaceutical sectors.


Turn all the data provided by our MES system into insights to increase equipment availability, reduce scrap and rework tasks, and meet market demands.

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La Farga

A metallurgical manufacturer of semi-finished copper and its alloys for the electrical, automobile, railway, metal container and pipe markets, among others.


Mapex meets the needs of aeronautical companies, so they can manufacture to the highest quality and performance, comply with the most demanding regulations, and gain a holistic perspective of their operations.

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Fábrica de Ircio de Aciturri

A company specialized in the manufacture of aeronautical components and a main leader in its sector in Spain.


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