Aciturri implements the Mapex solution as part of its digitalization and Industry 4.0 process

Last update: June 2022

First step on the road to Industry 4.0

Aciturri began the search for an MES solution provider in 2017. The company wanted to take a further step in the digital transformation of its factories, enhancing connectivity between processes, people and machines to increase efficiency and reduce costs.

Why Mapex?

After considering several suppliers, Aciturri finally opted for the Mapex solution. Among the reasons for this choice were our company’s unique specialization in MES systems and the number of professionals available for their project. The fact that the software is standard and out-of-the-box was also a very important plus point.

Real-time data to drive continuous improvement

Thanks to Mapex’s MES system, the Burgos-based company can monitor and document online and in an integrated manner the management of seven of its factories; it has reduced the problems associated with the use of paper; it has enhanced the exploitation of quality and maintenance data, and has taken advantage of real-time information capture to implement continuous improvement actions and increase its OEE.

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