Angulas Aguinaga increases its operational efficiency with the help of Mapex MES system

In 2018, Angulas Aguinaga began defining a plan to improve its productivity through an ecosystem of solutions that would allow them to capture efficiency and contrast improvement actions in real time.

After analyzing several platforms, the company finally chose Mapex because of our experience, knowledge and projects in the food sector. Another factor that drove the decision was the customization possibilities of the MES system.

To discover the positive impact of the Mapex MES system on Angulas Aguinaga, download and read the full case study.

The benefits of the project


All employees have the same information in real time to make decisions quickly and on the basis of reliable data.


Eliminating paper in the plant has increased operational efficiency and improved quality control management.


Thanks to the IIoT platform, the company can link process variables to WOs and thus obtain more complete traceability.