Mapex’s MES system enables industrial companies specialized in the automotive sector to meet customer demands, control costs, and comply with quality and safety requirements.

Manufacturing an automobile is a complex process that involves both the companies responsible for the vehicle’s final assembly and the suppliers of raw materials, components, and parts. Yet, all these companies share a common goal: to achieve maximum performance and productivity, while ensuring the safety and quality of their products.

At Mapex, we help automotive organizations manage, control, and monitor their production processes in real time. This enables them to make the best, most agile decisions; reduce costs and manufacturing times; foster continuous improvement; obtain precise, immediate traceability of their production; and satisfy their customers’ stringent demands.

Advantages of Mapex in the automotive sector

  • Reduced productivity losses with proper preventive and corrective maintenance to maximize machine performance.

  • Control over production parameters to ensure parts meet the manufacturer’s quality requirements.

  • Comprehensive quality control and audits of production processes.

  • Control over operator training.

  • Control over machine stoppages.

  • Correct scrap management, which allows you to analyze the causes and reduce scrap.

  • Real-time monitoring of process parameters and variables.

  • Product tool management and maintenance.

  • Management of the calibration of measuring equipment.

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