Borges International Group

Borges includes Mapex platform in its Industry 4.0 strategy

The agri-food group opted for Mapex’s MES system to gather reliable, real-time data from its bottling and PET packaging plants in Tàrrega (Lleida).

The first step towards optimizing production

Borges International Group began its search for an MES system provider three years ago. Through this solution, the organization wanted to tackle several challenges: automating line control, going paperless, and minimizing human error and the time spent manually entering data into its ERP.

Why Mapex?

After analyzing various platforms, the group opted for Mapex, specifically for the Production, Quality and Traceability modules. Factors that influenced the company to make this decision were: Mapex’s expertise and ability to respond to their needs, and the team behind the project.

A long-term partnership

Thanks to the platform, the company has improved its production indicators, can respond more quickly to audits and quality controls, and can carry out a more reliable and comprehensive traceability control of its product batches and materials.

That is why Borges International Group also decided to implement the Mapex Maintenance module in its Tàrrega factory and in its nuts and dried fruits business unit, which has two plants in Reus (Tarragona) and one in Altura (Castellón). 

Keys to success


Great collaboration between Mapex and Borges teams.


Mapex’s ability to adapt to our business needs and demands.


The involvement of Borges workers and management.


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