Control Tower


MapexCT helps you transform information into knowledge. Thanks to this module, you can develop dashboards to analyze and visualize key performance indicators and improve business decision making.


MapexCT Functionalities

  • Interactivity and data analysis.

  • Connect with different data sources on the same dashboard.

  • Customize dashboards according to customer needs.

  • Style gallery for the customer to choose from.

  • Automatic export in web format.

  • Responsive website design.

  • Integration with the rest of Mapex’s modules.

MapexCT Advantages

  • Data accessible to the different operators and departments, as required.

  • Ability to share custom reports with the rest of the company.

  • Development of control panels with key indicators and custom filters.

  • Decision making based on concrete, real and structured data by information layers or levels.

  • Improved business competitiveness and increased profits thanks to data analysis.

  • Assistance in continuous improvement (Lean 4.0).


MapexCT interface

screen MapexBI1
screen MapexBI2
screen MapexBI3
screen MapexBI4
screen MapexBI4

mapex symbol

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