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With the Mapex MES system, companies in the chemical and cosmetics sector can maximize their production capacity and ensure that all quality standards are met throughout their production processes.

Many industrial companies in the chemical and cosmetics sector are pursuing digital transformation, innovation, and continuous improvement to increase their production plant efficiency and to adapt to the emerging needs and demands of their consumers.

Thanks to our solution, these companies can work with reliable, real-time data to ensure the safety and quality of their production, to carry out proper traceability of raw materials, and to enable zero-defect manufacturing.

Advantages of Mapex in chemical and cosmetics sectors

  • Comprehensive control over end-product formulation processes to ensure compliance with quality standards.

  • Control over raw material traceability.

  • Control over raw material consumption.

  • Labeling solution.

  • Control of production losses.

  • Real-time statistical control over process parameters and variables to predict quality problems.

  • Control over automated production lines.

  • Management of the calibration of measuring equipment.

  • Management of laboratory samples.

  • BI to visualize information on all processes and departments (Control Tower).

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