Chemical and cosmetics

Many industrial companies in the chemical and cosmetics sector have already jumped on the bandwagon of digital transformation, innovation and continuous improvement to increase the efficiency of their production plants and adapt to the new needs and demands of their consumers. Thanks to our solution, these companies can work with reliable, real-time data to ensure the safety and quality of their production, carry out proper traceability of raw materials, and manufacture with zero defects.

Benefits for the chemical and cosmetics industry

Real-time control of production processes

Automation of data capture directly from the production lines to monitor their status at all times (stoppages, bottlenecks, low performance, etc.) and improve the efficiency of the production process.


Increased control over the execution of formulation processes

Digitization of recipes that include the manual execution of a formula to ensure that the steps are performed accurately and in the expected order, and that the product is of the quality expected by the customer.

Increased responsiveness to quality and safety problems

Digitization of quality control plans and promotion of zero-defect manufacturing thanks to tools such as Statistical Process Control or the integrated management of measuring equipment.

End-to-end traceability management

Control of traceability and consumption of raw materials and semi-finished products, including those that are stored and managed through silos, tanks or warehouses during a production process.

Laboratory sample collection management

Possibility to create laboratory samples from Mapex and automatically generate their labels with all the information.

Data integration and connectivity with other systems

Bidirectional integration of the MES solution with the ERP and other factory systems (WMS and AGV/AIV, scales, labeling, machine vision, etc.) to save time and effort in daily operations and progressively eliminate the use of paper.

Monitoring of the most relevant KPIs

Real-time control of production and quality indicators such as OEE, shrinkage, set-up and changeover times or the percentage of non-conformities in order to implement appropriate actions for continuous improvement.

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