Control Tower


MapexCT is another tool of our MES platform that allows you to identify and prioritize key performance indicators and, in this way, enable a continuous improvement process in your industrial company. In addition, the module is also available for mobile devices.


How do we get data to guide your decisions?

We capture all the data generated in your factory and make the necessary calculations to provide you with KPIs such as OEE in real time.

We show you data in dashboards that are fully configurable, intuitive and accessible from any mobile device.

We help you set objectives for each of the key performance indicators that you should monitor according to your management profile.

We give you the tools to put information into context, give it meaning and value, and drive continuous improvement inside your factory.

What are the benefits of using MapexCT?

Business decisions are made on the basis of 100% reliable data.


You get the information you need in real time and from anywhere.

Data analysis becomes a totally simple and agile task.

MapexMobility: all the information you need at your fingertips

With the MapexMobility app you can view all the dashboards included in the Control Tower module on your mobile device. In this way, we give you the possibility to immediately consult those KPIs that you need to monitor and, in addition, we offer you the tools to analyze them in detail.

The application includes an offline mode, which allows you to access updated information regardless of whether you have connectivity or not.

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