Delta Tecnic

Delta Tecnic gains visibility and transparency in its production processes thanks to Mapex

Delta Tecnic is an international company specialized in the production and distribution of color concentrates for the cable and automotive industries. In 2020, the company began its digital transformation project with Mapex with a triple challenge: to achieve a visual, paperless and data-driven factory.

A necessary change

Coping with the complexity and uncertainty of the current economic context is no easy task. In the case of Delta Tecnic, they decided that the only way to be able to adapt to new changes in demand, remain profitable and develop their business idea was to embark on the road to digital transformation.

With three manufacturing plants, an annual production of 12,000 tons and tight delivery times, this company based in Sant Celoni (Barcelona) began the search for an MES system more than three years ago to increase the visibility and transparency of its production processes.

Why Mapex?

The company chose Mapex’s MES system because it is a “simple, user-friendly, intuitive and user-configurable tool.” In addition, the final decision was also motivated by the good references from one of its customers and by the proximity to Mapex’s offices in Barcelona.

A more efficient and productive factory

Thanks to the implementation of Mapex, Delta Tecnic can see in real time what is happening in its production plant and solve problems before it is too late. The company has also gone paperless and has succeeded in linking production, quality and traceability areas.

Keys to success


“First implementing the system on a pilot line to detect all the gaps that had been overlooked during the design phase.


“Having the necessary resources to tackle the project: time, money and total involvement of the human team.


“Getting users to adapt to the tool to such an extent that they do not know how to work properly without Mapex.


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