Embutidos Monells digitizes factory floor data capture with Mapex MES system

Embutidos Monells is a company with half a century of history, which has wanted to adapt to the current context of digital transformation. The best proof of this is its desire to become a smart factory and to promote a culture of continuous improvement.

For this company, Mapex meets all the requirements that an MES system must fulfill: it is a user-friendly, open-source platform that integrates with other systems and can adapt quickly to the new challenges and needs of a company in the meat sector.

Download and read the complete case study to learn all the keys to the project.

The benefits of the project


Thanks to the digitization of in-plant data capture, they can analyze information in real time and make better decisions.


The MES system allows them to obtain indicators such as OEE and MTBF in real time to detect problems in an agile manner.


With Mapex, they have been able to eliminate islands of information and centralize data from other systems on a single platform.