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At Mapex, we work with large industrial companies specialized in food and beverage manufacturing and help them to improve efficiency through our MES system.

The food industry currently faces a number of challenges, such as increasing and improving production capacity; controlling processes more efficiently; complying with stringent quality and traceability regulations; responding to consumer requirements quickly; and counteracting the impact of rising raw material and power costs.


With Mapex’s MES system, companies involved in food and beverage production can tackle these challenges and by doing so: identify their production performance losses with reliable, real-time data; maximize their return on investment (ROI); and implement a culture of continuous improvement in their factories.

Advantages of Mapex in the food and beverage industry

  • Control over traceability and consumption of raw materials.

  • Control over process losses and giveaways.

  • Integration of real-time production labeling to reduce errors and ensure accurate product and ingredient traceability.

  • Strict control and management of product quality to detect and reject defective batches.

  • A more sustainable factory thanks to the elimination of paper-based management.

  • BI to visualize information on all processes and departments (Control Tower).




Processed food

Bottled goods


Processed food

Bottled goods

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