Galletas Gullón

Galletas Gullón gets on board with the digital transformation of its factory with Mapex

Last update: September 2021

Innovation and quality, above all else

Galletas Gullón is a true economic powerhouse in Aguilar de Campoo, a Palencia town where it has two of the largest and most industrialized factories in Europe. The company wanted to further improve and enhance its production quality, so it decided to implement a solution that would provide real-time information and allow it to exploit the data more agilely.

Why Mapex?

The company considered different vendors when choosing an MES system. Finally, it opted for Mapex thanks to our company being fully specialized in this type of platform, our hands on approach, our client ecosystem and our software’s usability.

Positive feedback

Galletas Gullón has begun to notice the positive impact of Mapex, especially in terms of decision-making and the application of corrective actions. The software has provided the company with agility, as well as reliable, real-time data, and the ability to integrate all factory systems onto a single platform. For the company, the project still has a long way to go.

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