Grupo KH

Grupo KH implements Mapex to enhance its cross-sector competitive standing

Last update: July 2021

Searching for an all-in-one platform

Five years ago, Grupo KH decided to implement an MES system in its factory with four objectives in mind: to have real-time and fully reliable data to analyze everything taking place in its production area; to eliminate paper-based record keeping; to automate zero-value-added tasks; and to gain global visibility over its production plant.

Why Mapex?

After a first unsuccessful attempt with another supplier, Grupo KH chose Mapex because it offered a solution that adapted to all its project requirements. The high level of software customization and Mapex’s strong position in the MES market also played an important role.

A highly versatile solution

The company soon reaped the benefits of deploying Mapex’s Production and Quality modules. Since 2018, Grupo KH has been capable of collecting real-time information, making decisions, and solving incidents on the spot; monitoring equipment and operator efficiency, and continuing to expand the potential of its MES system.

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