ICM boosts the overall efficiency of its factories with the help of Mapex MES solution

The arrival of Mapex at ICM came hand in hand with three major challenges: adapt to the new context of digital transformation, evolve towards continuous improvement and address the specific needs of the company (eliminate non-value-added tasks, minimize the use of paper, etc.).

After learning about the possibilities of the tool at another manufacturer’s facilities, ICM decided to bet on our platform, motivated by its flexibility and usability.

Once the pilot was approved, the company only had to wait a few days to be able to operate with Mapex in its entire production plant in Aranjuez and see the first results. Download and read the complete case study to learn all the keys to the project.

The benefits of the project


Obtaining reliable, real-time data on the production process at the Aranjuez and Illescas plants.


Lean management system boost: they now have real-time information to act with agility.


Integration into the MES solution of all data related to the production and quality areas.