Production control software


MapexPM is the most complete MES solution for real-time industrial production control and management. This module helps companies to measure and therefore improve the productivity and overall efficiency of their factories.


What are the main features of MapexPM?

Automatic capture of machine signals and 100% reliable, real-time monitoring of work centers.

Automatic calculation of OEE and real-time visibility of other important KPIs for the company.

Digitization of all types of documentation to work without having to use paper archives.

Increased safety in the working environment by setting up inspection points for order and cleanliness.

Management of the level of training of operators in order to be able to respond to customer demands.

Integration with any standard ERP on the market, with the rest of Mapex modules and other systems.

What are the benefits of using MapexPM?

Automation of data capture on the production lines and of work order management.

Reduction of non-value-added tasks and standardization of manufacturing processes.

Increased connectivity in the factory thanks to the integration of MES with other systems.

Real-time process control to react faster to problems and save costs.

Greater optimization of resources: raw materials, energy, machinery, etc.

Drive continuous improvement by monitoring the main production KPIs.

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