Production control software


Mapex Production Manager (MapexPM) is the most comprehensive MES solution for the real-time control and management of industrial production. This module helps companies gauge and, therefore, improve the productivity and overall efficiency of their factories.


mapexpm functionalities

  • Management of manufacturing orders, products, and operations.

  • Control over productions, losses, preparation times and incidents.

  • Document management: procedures, plans and instructions.

  • Control over operator times, activities, efficiency, work shifts and indirect tasks.

  • Real-time control over machines and manual workstations.

  • Automated data capture.

  • Generation of logs, graphs, and dashboards with productivity indicators.

  • Integration with any standard ERP on the market.

mapexpm advantages

  • Real-time control of factory Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE).

  • Automated PO management.

  • Reduced operating times and costs.

  • Decreased unplanned stoppages through root cause analysis.

  • Increased operational efficiency: prevent errors and duplicates.

  • Improved raw material optimization.

  • Reliable, real-time information to react faster to problems or incidents.

  • Strategic energy consumption optimization.

  • 100% paper-free management factory.

MapexPM interface

mapex symbol

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