Industrial sequencing software

Mapex Scheduler

Mapex Scheduler is a finite capacity sequencer designed to help companies adapt to the needs of today’s market, which demands shorter production runs with fast and flexible delivery times.


What are the main features of Mapex Scheduler?

Finite capacity sequencing with schedule management (Gantt chart or grid format).

Configurable sequencing rules based on specific product attributes or characteristics.

Real-time visualization of the status of manufacturing orders, linked to plant data capture.

Configuration of alerts to notify of unavailability of raw materials, delays in work orders, etc.

Real-time projection of planning on large format screens located in the production plant.

Integration with the MapexPM module to allocate available productive resources efficiently. 

What are the benefits of using Mapex Scheduler?

Elimination and automation of manual processes and maintenance of Excel files.

Ability to automatically recalculate the duration of all scheduled production orders.

Reduction of non-productive times in the manufacturing lines and greater agility in decision making.

Real-time tracking of the evolution of ongoing and scheduled manufacturing orders.

Easy visualization of the impact of new orders or unforeseen events in the plant on the production planning.


Drive continuous improvement by analyzing deviations between scheduling and actual production.

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