Industrial sequencing software


MapexWOM is an industrial sequencing software through which manufacturing orders and plant operations can be controlled, managed, and scheduled visually and in real time.


MapexWOM Functionalities

  • Sequencing of work center operations to finite capacity (Gantt display or in Grid format).

  • Management of product attributes or characteristics that are relevant to the sequencing logic.

  • Possibility of grouping several WO to optimise production time.

  • Possibility of re-planning in the event of an unforeseen event or the entry of a new WO.

  • Real-time visualization of operational statuses, linked to the capture of in-factory data.

  • Alerts due to the lack of availability of raw materials and the delay of operations with respect to the initial planning.

  • Scenario management.

  • Machine load charts and histograms of personnel requirements.

  • Integration with the Mapex production module.

mapexwom Advantages

  • Overview of plant operations and early detection of bottlenecks.

  • Maximization of production efficiency.

  • Real-time visualization of plan deviations.

  • Greater ability to plan future operations properly.

  • Better use of assets.

  • Faster and more reliable decision making.


MapexWOM interface

mapex symbol

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