Industrial IoT platform


Mapex’s industrial IoT platform provides a real-time monitoring module covering all the variables of a product’s manufacturing process, including power consumption. Its alarm system also helps manufacturers to act quickly in the event of equipment incidents.


MapexIoT Functionalities

  • Real-time monitoring of process variables: temperatures, tank levels, consumption, etc.

  • Alarm system.

  • Capture of all types of digital or analog signals, standardizing OPC, Modbus communications, etc.

  • Retrieval of statistical data to generate values logs and alarms, and consumption dashboards.

  • Integration with production, quality, and maintenance modules.

mapexiot Advantages

  • Improved energy efficiency through consumption control.

  • Promotion of predictive equipment maintenance.

  • Reduced equipment downtime.

  • Increased production quality.

  • Improved readiness in decision making.

MapexIOT interface

screen MapexIOT1
screen MapexIOT2
screen MapexIOT3

mapex symbol

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