Industrial maintenance software


MapexMM is a solution that optimizes industrial maintenance management and helps companies leave behind the problems and extra costs associated with 100% corrective maintenance. In addition, our CMMS is also available for mobile devices.


What are the main features of MapexMM?

Configuration of an asset tree with the equipment on which maintenance work will be performed.

Integration of all types of documentation (PDFs, images, videos, etc.) in Mapex for paperless work.

Digitization of work order management to streamline the operations of technicians and department managers.

Management of preventive ranges for any type of machinery and definition of inspection points.

Spare parts management: assignment to assets, real-time consumption control, warehouse location, etc.

Generation of reports on operator times, degree of compliance with preventive, internal and external costs, etc.

What are the benefits of using MapexMM?

Increased equipment availability and, as a result, increased productivity in the factory.

Implementation of a good preventive maintenance plan to avoid corrective actions as much as possible.

Savings in replacement costs due to reduced breakdowns and increased equipment lifetime.

Greater control over the stock of spare parts to avoid shortage of parts or unnecessary purchase of spare parts.

Increased operational efficiency: automation of work orders and digitization of documentation.

Improvement of the two key KPIs in the maintenance area: MTBF increase and MTTR reduction.

MapexMobility: manage your factory maintenance from anywhere

With the MapexMobility app you can perform your daily work comfortably and with reliable information in real time. Its functionalities include: the management of all maintenance work orders, the assignment of spare parts to work orders, the visual management of documentation, and the reading of QR and NFC codes.

In addition, the app is available for iOs and Android operating systems in online and offline mode, so that operators can use it anywhere in the factory.

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