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About the MES and MOM systems

An MES (Manufacturing Execution System) is a software that allows you to organize, monitor and control your factory’s production processes to achieve maximum efficiency and quality, thereby reducing costs.

The term MOM (Manufacturing Operations Management) is more general since the program includes the management of all manufacturing operations. In fact, this concept embraces equipment and stock optimization, and process execution and handling of human resources around the company’s strategic objectives.

By implementing the MOM management model, which fully complements the MES system, companies can achieve end-to-end visibility of everything taking place in their production plant to achieve excellent organizational planning.

MES system implementation phases

At Mapex, we are specialists in the implementation of MES systems. We also develop vertical solutions for any sector. Our projects start by analyzing a customer’s needs. From here, we develop the functional and technical design of the MES system, which is then implemented in a first pilot line.

Finally, when it is clear that the system is working correctly and any potential flaws have been corrected, the template is rolled out in the rest of the organization’s work centers.

Our MES system: the heart of Industry 4.0

Implementing an MES system plays an essential role in achieving optimized production control within the scope of Industry 4.0, as well as moving towards Digital manufacturing.

All 4.0 factories have a MES system, which allows them to capture and cross-check production data and data from other areas (quality, traceability, maintenance, etc.). The information generated by these technology platforms is crucial for companies to streamline their decision-making and adapt quicker to changes in demand.

Integrating our MES system with an ERP

Another key factor in Industry 4.0 is the blending of MES and ERP systems. Integrating these systems means the two solutions are connected and communicate effectively and securely.

The MES system must be directly integrated with your corporate ERP to perfectly align business management and factory operations, to guarantee that the MES system enhances your factory’s productivity.

An ERP controls all business management processes. However, it does not specialize in production management nor does it work with data in real time. Instead, a MES system plans and executes production orders from the ERP. It also tells you how you can improve your factory’s performance down to the last detail.

Main functionalities of our MES system

In-factory data capture automation.

Real-time Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE).

Measurement of key indicators and variables for production management.

Control and management of machines and manufacturing processes.

In-factory quality control and traceability.

Compliance with current standards and regulations.

Visibility of the wider supply chain.

Reliable, real-time information for better decision making.

Management of updated on-site documentation.

The 10 advantages of the MES system for factories


Improved production performance through consistent process planning.


Increased overall equipment effectiveness (OEE).


Reduced inactivity or stoppages through realistic, corrective planning.


Lower operating times and costs.


Increased work efficiency with better workforce, energy, and equipment management.


Greater optimization of the quantity of material in use through real-time, in-depth process control.


Improved communication between operations, systems, and people.


More visibility with vertical and bi-directional integration of data and elimination of siloed databases.


Increased ability to prioritize and meet delivery deadlines and current regulations.


Better capacity to make timely proactive and corrective decisions through key performance indicators.

About the Mapex MES platform

The Mapex MES system is modular and scalable and allows the management and monitoring of the different areas within a production plant. Fill out this form to request more information.