Packaging and
graphic arts

Producing faster, error-free, and more accurately is a common goal for industrial companies within the packaging and graphic arts sector. As a solution, Mapex helps these companies manufacture high-quality products while minimizing productivity losses.

In the packaging and graphic arts industry, having an in-factory MES system in place is key to building a competitive advantage. Thanks to this platform, companies can meet their customers’ requirements while optimizing allocated resources.

With Mapex, companies can implement a solid preventive maintenance plan, reduce equipment start-up times, minimize incidents, and closely monitor wasted materials.

Advantages of Mapex in the packaging and graphic arts sector

  • Management of machine maintenance plans to reduce productivity losses.

  • Control over machines’ initial configuration and setting parameters.

  • Real-time capture of machine data to ensure information reliability.

  • Control and analysis of reasons for machine stoppages, to optimize productivity.

  • Product tool management and maintenance.

  • Correct scrap management, which allows you to analyze the causes and reduce it.

  • Grouping of manufacturing orders.

  • BI to visualize information on all processes and departments (Control Tower).

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