Walki Plasbel

Walki Plasbel chooses Mapex’s MES system to keep growing

Last update: March 2022

In search of a more agile solution and good after-sales support

The expansion of its production plant in Alcantarilla (Murcia) marked a turning point at Walki Plasbel more than five years ago. The company’s growth prompted the search for a new MES systems supplier. And this time, the priorities were very clear: the implementation of the software had to be fast in the plant and a good after-sales support team was needed.

Why Mapex?

After evaluating all the options, the company opted for Mapex. Although the usability of the platform and its easy integration with other systems also played a significant role, what really motivated the decision was the positive feedback Walki Plasbel received from several of its suppliers and customers.

A quick and beneficial deployment for the company

The company has carried out the software implementation project (Production, Quality, Traceability, IoT, and soon, Maintenance) in four phases. Today, Walki Plasbel has already completely replaced its old MES system and is continuously working on improvements with the help of the Mapex team.

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