Multiple format changeovers and the management of energy and raw material consumption are two of the aspects that mark the day-to-day life of an industrial company specializing in the manufacture of plastics. Thanks to Mapex, companies in this sector can measure and control all the parameters and variables that have an impact on their productivity, minimize downtime, and deliver on time.

Benefits for the plastics industry

Real-time control of production processes

Automation of data capture directly from the production lines to monitor their status at all times (stoppages, bottlenecks, low performance, etc.) and improve the efficiency of the production process.

SMED implementation to reduce set-up and changeover times

With MapexPM, manufacturers optimize set-up and changeover times through SMED methodology and minimize the negative impact of scheduled plant downtimes.

Real-time recording of process variables for quality assurance

MapexIIoT records variables such as temperature, pressure and humidity so that manufacturers can monitor production quality in real time, minimize rework and become a benchmark supplier.

Promotion of preventive maintenance

Digitization of corrective and preventive work order management to reduce availability losses due to machinery breakdowns and failures. Greater control over maintenance and tooling location and spare parts stock to avoid missing or unnecessary purchase of parts.

Real-time monitoring of energy consumption

Companies know at all times what the actual energy consumption of each machine, WO and/or production of a particular reference is, and are able to be more sustainable and make the most of any savings opportunity.

End-to-end traceability management

Traceability control of raw materials, which is especially useful for manufacturers of packaging for the food, chemical and cosmetic industries.

Data integration and connectivity with other systems

Bidirectional integration of the MES solution with the ERP and other factory systems (WMS and AGV/AIV, artificial vision, etc.) to save time and effort in daily operations, and eliminate the use of paper in areas such as quality or maintenance.

Monitoring of shrinkage and other relevant KPIs

Real-time control of production and quality indicators such as OEE, shrinkage, set-up and changeover times or scrap in order to implement appropriate actions for continuous improvement.

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