food goods

With Mapex, manufacturers of processed food goods can enjoy access to a platform that adapts to their needs and helps them guarantee their product’s quality and increase their production plant’s efficiency and performance.

Streamlining production processes to satisfy their customers and complying with food industry quality standards are two of the main challenges for processed food goods manufacturers.

The Mapex MES system addresses the most common problems and objectives of these manufacturers. As a result, it helps them become more efficient and reduce costs through reliable, real-time control over their production; proper management of automated line maintenance; and improve quality and traceability of their products.

Advantages of Mapex in the processed goods subsector

  • Labeling solution.

  • Control of process shrinkage, giveaways, materials, and non-quality issues.

  • Traceability control.

  • Control over raw material consumption (primary and secondary).

  • Mass balance.

  • Control over automated line maintenance.

  • Gathering of reliable data on machine stoppages.

  • Real-time communication with the ERP for shipments and for end product stocks.

  • Comprehensive control and management of the end product’s recipes and manufacturing processes to guarantee its quality and prevent customer complaints.

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