Quality control software


MapexQM is the most complete MES solution for quality management. With this module it is possible to obtain reliable and real-time information to ensure product quality, comply with industry regulations and increase the level of customer satisfaction. It is also available for mobile devices.


What are the main features of MapexQM?

Automation of data capture in real time through measuring devices, artificial vision, etc.

Digitalization of the quality management system: controls, self-monitoring, audits, etc.

Detection of non-conformities, root cause analysis and tracking of corrective actions.

Comprehensive management of measurement equipment: calibrations, maintenance plans, documentation, etc.

Tools to apply Statistical Process Control (SPC) to anticipate quality problems and guarantee process stability.

Management of laboratory sample collection: validate or cancel, perform quality control plan, etc.

What are the benefits of using MapexQM?

Easy access to information from multiple devices and paperless management of all documentation.

Increased ability to adapt to quality standards and instill their importance throughout the company.

Cost reduction through early detection of losses and quality problems.

Increased customer satisfaction: quality products, on-time deliveries, efficient complaint management, etc.

Drive continuous improvement thanks to the monitoring of the most relevant indicators for the Quality department.

Integration with the Mapex Production module to carry out studies of finished product wastage, production batches, etc.

MapexMobility: manage and optimize your production quality from your mobile phone or tablet

Thanks to MapexMobility you can access your factory’s quality plans and implement corrective actions faster and based on reliable information.

This application is very useful for technicians, as it allows them to manage in real time various types of quality controls and: view those that are still pending, consult the associated documentation, capture and save images, add comments, read barcodes, etc.

In addition to the operational part, MapexMobility incorporates data analysis functionality, including historical and dashboards.

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