Quality control software


MapexQM is the most comprehensive MES solution for production quality control. With this module, companies can gather reliable, real-time information to ensure product quality, to comply with industry regulations and to increase customer satisfaction. It also has its own version for mobile devices. 


MapexQM Functionalities

  • Configuration of quality controls and self-controls.

  • Management of losses, rejections, and defect types.

  • Management of non-conformities.

  • Document management.

  • Management of gauges and measuring instruments.

  • Generation of graphics, quality logs and Statistical Process Control (SPC).

  • Management of laboratory samples.

  • Real-time automatic data capture via measuring devices, artificial vision, etc.

  • Integration with other systems (such as any standard ERP on the market).

mapexqm Advantages

  • Improved quality management.

  • Anticipate quality losses by implementing preventive measures.

  • Access information to pass audits quickly and easily.

  • Improved customer satisfaction thanks to shorter delivery times.

  • Seamless integration with MapexPM to perform studies of finished product shrinkage, production batches, etc.

  • Reliable, 100% paperless management.

MapexMobility: manage and optimize your production quality from your mobile phone or tablet

Thanks to MapexMobility you can access your factory’s quality plans and apply measures faster and based on reliable information.

This app can be very useful for technicians, as it enables them to manage various types of quality controls in real time: view pending controls; consult the related documentation; capture and save images; add comments; read barcodes, etc.

Beyond operational aspects, MapexMobility includes a data analysis functionality, with logs and dashboards. The application is available for both iOS and Android operating systems.

mapexqm interface

mapexQM screen1
mapexQM screen2
mapexQM screen3
mapexQM screen4

mapex symbol

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