The MES system is a solution that can be applied to all types of industrial companies. At Mapex, we adapt our platform to the needs of each of our customers, whatever their sector.

The Mapex MES system plays a crucial role in the digital transformation of industrial companies. That’s why our solution, besides being flexible, modular, and scalable, is designed for any company that runs one or more production processes and wants to transform its facilities into a truly smart factory..

At Mapex, we don’t limit ourselves to serving a specific industry. Besides working with leading companies in major industries, we also collaborate with customers specialized in the manufactured of textiles, electronic parts, and machinery, among others. Plus, we help all of them to be more efficient, increase their productivity and reduce costs.

Advantages of Mapex in the industrial sector

  • Standardization of processes through their digitization and automation.

  • Management of the calibration of measuring equipment.

  • Optimization of production performance.

  • Quality improvement and greater control over traceability.

  • Reduced operational costs.

  • Collection of reliable, real-time information for decision making.

  • Greater control over wastage and reprocessing.

  • Lower power consumption.

  • 100% paperless management.

  • BI to visualize information on all processes and departments (Control Tower).

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