At Mapex we do not pigeonhole ourselves in a specific industry. Proof of this is that, in addition to having references in the main sectors, we also work with clients specialized in the manufacture of textiles, electronic components, machinery, etc. We help all of them to become more efficient, increase their productivity and reduce costs.

Benefits for all industrial companies


Digitalization of production processes

With the implementation of Mapex you say goodbye to inaccurate data, human error and late corrective actions.


Increased visibility and transparency

With an MES system, you get a global view of what is going on in your factory. The data is centralized on one platform and you can access it quickly and intuitively.


Drive for continuous improvement (Lean 4.0)

Start detecting the strengths and weaknesses of your factory, establish an appropriate continuous improvement strategy and know the real impact of corrective actions.


Increased efficiency in all areas

Be much more proactive in reducing unscheduled downtime, anticipate the occurrence of nonconformities and identify deviations before it is too late.


Quality improvement and regulatory compliance

Manage from a single platform and in real time all your quality plans to comply with the regulations of your sector.


100% elimination of paper in the factory

Digitize manufacturing orders, quality controls and check-lists, instructions, etc. to reduce paper costs and ensure that you always work with the correct documentation.


One more step towards total process standardization

Guarantee that processes are always carried out in the same way to ensure product quality as well as cost control.


Higher level of customer satisfaction

Keep the bar high with your customers: meet delivery times and offer quality production at competitive prices.


Cost reduction

The impact of Mapex is noticeable in the bottom line of companies. It is the direct consequence of gaining greater control and optimization capacity over manufacturing processes.

Companies that trust Mapex

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