Solera bets on Mapex to achieve operational excellence

This family-owned company, specialized in the manufacture of low-voltage electrical equipment, entrusted Mapex to gather real-time data on everything taking place at its production plant in Paterna (Valencia).

A step forward in the continuous improvement process

Solera became interested in continuous improvement and Lean Manufacturing in 2018. The company manually calculated different indicators in all its production processes using spreadsheets for a year. However, they soon needed a solution to collect more data and ensure its 100% reliability.

Why Mapex?

After seeing the solution’s potential at one of its main suppliers, Solera decided in favor of the Production and Quality modules and the Mapex dashboard. Platform usability, technical support, customization options, and the software’s easy integration with the company’s ERP and WMS also played a key role.

Impressed by the potential of the project

Mapex’s positive impact has been felt especially in Solera’s Production and Quality areas. Moreover, due to the good results, the Traceability module has been added and the solution deployed in the company’s factory located in Cañete (Cuenca).

Keys to success


Good communication between teams and supportive management throughout the process.”


The involvement of an excellent team of professionals from Solera during the deployment.”


How user-friendly Mapex is, its easy integration with our ERP and its customization options.”


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