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SPB Global enhances its culture of Continuous Improvement thanks to Mapex

Last update: January 2022

The MES system as a substitute for ‘production sheets’

Between 2009 and until the implementation of Mapex in 2015, SPB Global was laying the groundwork on the value of data capture and the use of indicators to detect improvement opportunities in the factory. At that time, the Valencian company used the so-called “production sheets”, documents in which the operators would write time used and the units produced.

Why Mapex?

When looking for a MES systems provider, SPB Global was very clear about its priorities: finding a solution that would allow them to increase the reliability of the data, collect all production information in real time and drive Continuous Improvement in the company.

A strategic tool

At SPB Global, everyone is highly satisfied with Mapex because it has helped the company increase data reliability, reduce time spent making decisions, reduce paper-based management in the factory and eliminate human error.

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