Traceability software


MapexTrace is the module that can help you manage end-to-end traceability in your industrial company (manufacturing batches, raw materials, semi-finished and finished products), as well as ensure the safety and quality of your production.


What are the main features of MapexTrace?

Manual and automatic capture (barcode, RFID) of incoming batch traceability data.

Automated label printing with detailed, real-time information on outbound traceability.

Generation of batch histories of raw material and tooling used for every output batches.

What are the benefits of using MapexTrace?

Digitization of the traceability system to ensure transparency in the value chain.


Compliance with the safety and quality standards and regulations in force in your sector.

Optimization of stock and stored product management for greater cost savings.

Automation of labeling and real-time control of raw material and semi-finished products consumption.

Increased capacity to react to customer complaints and alleged crimes against public health.

Increased knowledge of the value chain and opportunities for developing continuous improvement plans.

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