Traceability software


The MapexTrace module handles traceability control and manages manufacturing batches, raw materials, semi-finished and finished products. Thanks to this solution, our customers can guarantee the safety and quality of their production and act quickly if incidents occur.


MapexTrace Functionalities

  • Management of batches, raw materials, semi-finished products, and finished products.

  • Automated production labeling with detailed, reliable, and real-time information on output traceability.

  • Capture of traceability data from incoming batches manually or automatically.

  • Generation of raw material batch logs and of tools used for each of the produced output batches.

MapexTrace Advantages


  • Greater transparency in the manufacturing process.

  • Early detection of product quality failures.

  • Better response time in the event of a factory emergency or incident.

  • Compliance with demanding regulations, especially in sectors such as food, cosmetics or chemicals.

  • Faster response to audits and customer complaints.

  • Control of the real costs associated with each product.

  • Efficient management of stock and stored product.

  • Effective control of raw material and semi-finished products consumption.

  • Elimination of errors and the added administrative work involved in the labeling process.

  • Increased knowledge of the value chain and greater capacity to develop continuous improvement plans.

  • 100% paper-free management.

MapexTrace interface

mapexTraze screen1

mapex symbol

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