Role and benefits of Mapex Scheduler: why do you need it in your industrial company?

Mapex Scheduler is one of the least known solutions of our MES platform. Here we explain its main functionalities, how it differs from a planner and why you should implement it in your industrial company.

You are probably already familiar with or even work with some of our solutions for production, quality or maintenance management. But did you know that at Mapex we have a sequencer that allows you to react with greater agility and flexibility to the demands of your customers?

Mapex Scheduler is a finite capacity sequencer integrated into the MapexBP platform. By applying a fully configurable sequencing logic, our solution places the operations on the machines previously defined in Mapex, applying performances and schedules.

Thanks to our sequencer, you have reliable, real-time information at your disposal so that you can answer important questions such as these:

  • Will I be able to meet the delivery dates of the production orders?
  • How will the failure that has occurred in one of the lines affect the planning?
  • Will I have the necessary materials and operators to be able to start up the scheduled production orders?
  • Are there any tooling limitations that will prevent me from complying with the planning? 

Sequencing vs. Planning

A sequencer can sometimes be confused with a planner. Therefore, before explaining the functionalities of Mapex Scheduler, we want to make sure that you know what the main purpose of each of these solutions is: 

  • The purpose of a planner is to generate a proposal of productions and purchasing requirements from sales forecasts and/or orders. To determine the feasibility of the proposal it will send to the ERP, this software locates future productions and goes back to the current date.
  • Once the ERP has created the production orders, it is the turn of a sequencer as Mapex Scheduler, which receives the WOs and places them from the current date and time onwards.

Main features of Mapex Scheduler

Mapex Scheduler enables the sequencing of manufacturing orders at finite capacity, applying calendars and sequencing rules that can be configured based on attributes.

With this solution, companies can visualize the planning and evolution of their production plant in Gantt format and, as a result, detect and analyze deviations quickly and intuitively.

In addition, the module incorporates a very useful screen that shows the evolution of the plant planning of the last accepted sequencing. In this way, it is possible to see in real time and on large format monitors the progress of the operations in progress according to the units manufactured and the planned sequence of the programmed operations.

Main benefits of Mapex Scheduler

With Mapex Scheduler, we help companies to be much more efficient and productive: the sequencer eliminates and automates manual processes and the maintenance of Excel files; it automatically recalculates the duration of all scheduled WOs, and, using algorithms, minimizes unproductive times in the manufacturing lines.

In summary, Mapex Scheduler is a very good ally for those organizations that want to speed up decision making and always know how new orders or unforeseen events impact on the evolution of their production plan.

Remember that if you want more information about this module or about other solutions of the Mapex MES platform, you only have to fill in this form and we will contact you as soon as possible to answer all your questions.

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