Thanks to Mapex’s MES system, aerospace manufacturers can minimize costs, increase productivity, and explore real-time improvement opportunities to become more competitive.

Ensuring the safety and efficiency of their production processes is one of the main concerns faced by aeronautical companies, as they work in a highly regulated, complex environment that involves collaborating with numerous suppliers.

With Mapex’s MES system, these companies can pursue their goal of reducing costs, improving productivity, and eliminating human error in quality management and traceability. Our solution allows them to monitor the day-to-day operations of their production plants in real time, increase equipment efficiency, identify detailed efficiency losses, and detect key areas to improve.

Advantages of Mapex in the aeronautical sector

  • Reduced productivity losses with proper preventive and corrective maintenance to maximize machine performance.

  • Control over production parameters to ensure parts meet the manufacturer’s quality requirements.

  • Control over operator training.

  • Control over machine stoppages.

  • Correct scrap management, which allows you to analyze the causes and reduce scrap.

  • Real-time monitoring of process parameters and variables.

  • Product tool management and maintenance.

  • BI to visualize information on all processes and departments (Control Tower).


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