Sigma trusts Mapex to drive the digital transformation of some of its factories in Europe

Last update: October 2021

A solution to manage and control data in real time

Sigma’s search for an MES systems provider began in 2014, as a result of the need for a platform that would help them drive the digital transformation of some of their factories in Spain, provide real-time management and control of data, and implement continuous improvement plans.

Why Mapex?

According to the head of Sigma’s IST Industrial Applications in Europe, the MES system selection process was comprehensive. Finally, the agility and flexibility of Mapex were decisive factors for this meat company.

A vibrant project on the move

Due to the large number of Sigma factories in Europe, it was decided to define a core template with the main needs of the company and subsequently deploy the solution in different plants: Ólvega, Nueva Bureba and others located in Spain, France and Portugal. For the company, the projects have been agile and successful.

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